Edmonton, Alberta


Edmund Segbeaya first arrived in Nelson in September 2001. He had fled from his native Togo to Germany in 1991 after taking part Edmond Segbeayain anti-government protests. His luck didn't change—they were threatened with deportation and spent three years hiding in a Catholic church. Fortunately, a Canadian expat learned of his plight and convinced seven local churches to sponsor the family for immigration.

Edmund’s good fortune continued when the manager of his local food co-op spotted him buying cartons of habanero peppers and just had to ask him why. Intrigued by Edmund’s description of his traditional Togolese hot sauce, the manager asked for a sample. It didn’t take long before Ebesse Zozo—which means “hot pepper” in Togolese—made its way far beyond the co-op.

Good Remarks...

  • Stuart Reid

    Hot hot heat but with excellent balance of flavour. Tasty sauces!

  • Anton Thomas, Calgary AB

    Ebesse Zozo always ends up in my fridge.....But i never know where it comes from. needless to say its the bomb!

  • Hophead

    I got this sauce for a b-day gift a few days ago damn good stuff i am going to make an order for a few more bottles when i run out....

  • SPUD

    This is exceptional hot sauce....

  • Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship

    Sauce so good, he got on CBC’s Dragon’s Den..........Ebesse Zozo Sauce has won many international awards, including 2006 America Best Zesty Professional Foods Contest 1st Place – Hot Sauce.

  • The Big Cheese

    These sauces are hot, but they also have a lot of flavour.

  • Megan Cole

    ''Nelson's Edmond Segbeaya makes some of the hottest hot sauce in the world......''

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